Dominic Frisby at the Edinburgh Festival 2019

Perhaps rather foolhardily, I am doing FOUR shows at the Edinburgh Festival this year, though not all of them every day.

Here is some info about each of them.

First up, we have my main show – Libertarian Love Songs. That’s at 5.10pm every day at the Banshee Labyrinth (venue 156), probably the coolest venue in Edinburgh (and the most haunted, apparently). is is a free show, so you can’t buy tickets. You just roll up to the venue in good time for a 5.10pm start.

It’ll be me playing some of the songs I’ve been working on this past year, including 17 Million F*ck Offs, I Am Secretly In Love With Nigel Farage and others. People with a Libertarian world view are going to love it. Others will not …  NB There will be a lot of swearing.

My next show will contain no swearing. And you can buy tickets for it in advance. It’s called Adam Smith: Father of the Fringe.

It’s me wearing my financial hat, basically – a lecture about the economics of the Edinburgh Festival and how, unintentionally, it has realised all the doctrines of Adam Smith. And the lecture takes place in what was Adam Smith’s front room. That’s at 12pm on August 9-11 and 15-18 (we may extend if it sells well).

Edit: Sales are ahead of expectation so we have added some dates: August 13, and 22-25.

Then we have The Shadowpunk Revolution. A sci-fi rock drama about invisibility, inspired by Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds, with music by Asaf Zohar. This is another free show at 7.10 every day from August 19-25 (ignore the fringe brochure this has the wrong dates) at the Outhouse Bar Loft.

A police officer from rural Devon investigating the rise of druguse locally discovers dealers have been using some kind of invisibility technology. His investigations lead him into a new world of crypto-activists, who developed the tech in reaction to state and corporate invasion of privacy. Their invention is a force for good, but also a force for evil. What does our hero do?


And, finally, we have another ticketed show – The Butcher, the Brewer, the Baker… and the Commentator. This is a basically a chat show with leading economists, politicians, finance gurus and, occasionally, comedians with FT Columnist and Moneyweek Editor in Chief, Merryn Somerset Webb, as host. Although some days that host will be me. (August 3,4, 7-11, and 25). Tickets here.

Secretly In Love With Nigel Farage

We have a new video

Links to buy the single will follow shortly.

Such is the state of toxicity in the British media, both the musician and director preferred to be billed as ‘anon’, but nevertheless both have done a great job. Audio mixed and recorded by Wayne McIntyre

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Sometimes … when I’m all alone … late at night … I pour myself a glass of wine … sit down in front of my computer … and type in your name … And there you are … on YouTube … talking … like you do … and they’re all shouting at you and putting you down … and you just carry on … And I don’t know … I think … I think … I think …

I could be in love with Nigel Farage
Secretly in love with Nigel Farage
I’m looking at you, Nigel Farage
I’m dreaming at night of Nigel Farage

He’s so brave and he speaks so well.
He is consistent, though they smear him like hell.
He stands tall and he dresses so well.
He likes a pint and a fag as well.

I’ve fallen for in love with NF
I’m secretly in love NF
I want to have a pint with Nigel Farage
Maybe give a full-body massage

No more distant unaccountable bureaucratic bodies with Nigel Farage
No more Common Agricultural Policy with Nigel Farage
No more EU fisheries quotas with Nigel Farage
Sovereignty restored with Nigel Farage.


Ode To A Compost Bin

Directed by Alex Webster
Music composed and played (on a real lute) by Martin Wheatley

To the Compost Bin

My soul doth sing and my heart doth leap
When I catch sight of compost heap.
Let me explain what there is to behold
In this putrefying, festering mound of mould.

Cut grass and leaves, bygone meals,
Old tea bags, stale bread, potato peel,
Bananas turned black and egg shells galore,
All coated in powdery-blue fungal spore.

All those things you don’t want, you just throw them here
And nutritious soil will appear in a year
Thanks to beetles and ants, worms and lice.
It is a creepy crawly paradise.

They tirelessly process the peel and the rind
With nothing but their own self-interest in mind.
Nothing is wasted, nor centrally planned.
It’s like Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand.

This is an example it’s plain to see
Of a functioning, free-market economy.

17 Million Fuck Offs – A Song About Brexit

I put this together a fortnight ago:

Please help take this song to number one by buying a copy of the single. Here is the link to Amazon (you have to ignore or cancel the invitation to sign up for Amazon music and click through to buy the song for 99p). Here is the link to the iTunes store (again ignore the solicitations to sign up to Apple music and click through to the iTunes store). They don’t make it easy to buy a single these days.

Written and performed by Dominic Frisby
Music composed and played by Martin Wheatley (based on a traditional Devon folk song)
Video directed by anon (he doesn’t want to give his name cos it might prejudice other work – that’s how ridiculous things have got)
Audio mixed and recorded by Wayne McIntyre
Assistant director Mark “Yeti” Cribbs

On the 23rd of June, 2016
The people of the United Kingdom – and Gibraltar – went to vote
On an issue that for some had been burning for years
The question in full – and unaltered – was – I quote

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union
or leave the European Union?

It was the greatest democratic turnout in British history, I do not scoff
And when the time came to speak the British said fuck off.
Fuck off.

Campaigning had gone on for many a month
With debate and discussion on many a front
They’d argued they’d fought they’d smeared and pulled stunts
There was David Cameron. Theresa May. George Osborne.
Tony Blair. John Major. The BBC.
The British told them to fuck off. The British told them to fuck off.

If you vote to leave, you’ll lose your job
Vote to leave, you’ll lose your home.
The ensuing recession will last for years
Said David Cameron. Theresa May. George Osborne.
And the Treasury. Tony Blair. John Major. The BBC.
The Bank of England. Mark Carney. The EU. The IMF. The US president. Saint Obama. Back of the cue. Loads of celebrities. Gary Lineker. JK Rowling. Benedict Cumbertwat. Lord Adonis. Who the fuck’s he anyway?
The British told them to fuck off. Seventeen million fuck offs.

They wheeled in the experts to tell us what’s right
They gave us the benefit of their foresight
To leave is calamitous, that’s definite.
Food shortages. No medicine. Planes grounded. House price crash. ½ a million jobs lost. Cost of £4,300 to every home. Stock market collapse. Riots. No sandwiches.There’d be an outbreak of super gonorrhea. They seriously said that. Donald Tusk at the EU said it would be the end of Western civilization as we know it. I’m not joking. And one more thing. If you vote to leave, that makes you racist.
The British told them to fuck off. Seventeen million fuck offs.

The vote is final, there’s no going back
Although now they want to go back and re-vote
I think we know what the answer will be
To Gary Lineker. Alastair Campbell. Dominic Grieve. Chuka Umana. Keir Starma. Vince Cable. Anna Soubry (not a Nazi). Rory Bremner. Armando Ianucci. Delia Smith. Steve Coogan. David Lammy. Lord Adonis. Who the fuck’s he anyway?
The British will tell them fuck off. 17 million fucks offs.

ISRC#: TCAED1904492