Terence Frisby Photos

Some photos of Terence Peter Michael Frisby (November 28, 1932 – April 22, 2020)

These photos (and their copyright) were owned by my father, Terence Frisby. As his sole heir and executor of his will, I am now releasing them as creative commons them as per https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

Lockdown Blues

Words by Dominic Frisby
Music by anon
Directed by anon
Featuring me, Dominic Frisby, Samuel Frisby, Eliza Frisby and, in the role of my wife, Susan Murray.
Audio mixed by Wayne McIntyre.

Arise Sir Nigel

Written and performed by Dominic Frisby
Directed by Alex McCarron
Music by anon
Recorded and mixed by Wayne McIntyre
Thanks to Jeremy Webster

I Am A Linesman For Notts County

With thanks to Glenn Campbell …
Words by Dominic Frisby
Directed by Joe Bor
Audio mixed by Wayne McIntrye

Thanks to Andy and Margaret Demetriou of Red Creative Film https://www.redcreativefilm.co.uk/

Maybe Song – Corona Edition (live)

The first and only outing for this verse of the song, recorded (rather prophetically, I think) at Comedy Unleashed on March 10, 2020, when live comedy still existed.