Lockdown Blues

Words by Dominic Frisby Music by anon Directed by anon Featuring me, Dominic Frisby, Samuel Frisby, Eliza Frisby and, in the role of my wife, Susan Murray. Audio mixed by Wayne McIntyre.

Arise Sir Nigel

Written and performed by Dominic Frisby Directed by Alex McCarron Music by anon Recorded and mixed by Wayne McIntyre Thanks to Jeremy Webster

I Am A Linesman For Notts County

With thanks to Glenn Campbell ... Words by Dominic Frisby Directed by Joe Bor Audio mixed by Wayne McIntrye Thanks to Andy and Margaret Demetriou of Red Creative Film

Maybe Song – Corona Edition (live)

The first and only outing for this verse of the song, recorded (rather prophetically, I think) at Comedy Unleashed on March 10, 2020, when live comedy still existed.

Corona, Corona, Corona! – A Booty Call

With Aideen McQueen and Dominic Frisby Directed (remotely) by Alex McCarron Words by Dominic Frisby Played by anon Music from "Parole, Parole" by Gianni Ferrio, Leo Chiosso and Giancarlo Del Re Audio mixed by Wayne McIntyre

Signed copies of Daylight Robbery for sale

Daylight Robbery has had a terrific response:  “A highly readable account … of paramount importance” Luke Johnson, Sunday Times "A brilliant book," Douglas Carswell, MP "A tour de force" Matt Ridley, author "A rollicking good read " Merryn Somerset Webb, FT "A...

Just for the record …

The purpose of this post is just a reference for Wikipedia.    17 Million got to #2 in the official downloads charts and #43 in the full official charts   17 Million was Number One on the Amazon charts on March 31, 2019 (when Brexit was supposed to...

17 Million F*ck-Offs Radio-Friendly Versions

If you are looking for radio-friendly versions of 17 Million F*ck-Offs with swearing removed, you can download them here. With swearing bleeped out. With silence instead of swearing  

17 Million F-Offs to Number One by Friday – just 5 days left

We have just five days to get 17 Million to Number One for Brexit Day, Jan 31. Buy the single at Amazon or at iTunes. Or, ideally, both. It's only 99p (79p on iTunes). Neither Amazon nor iTunes make it easy...


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