We have a new song for your entertainment – Gammon and Proud – one of my most ambitious projects yet. 

It might be seen as a Bohemian Rhapsody for pigs and will, we suspect, be especially popular among pork lovers around the world. 

Sterling musicianship, as always, from my co-conspirator, Noah Fleetwood, and wonderful direction by a new, but hopefully to be longtime collaborator, Will Thomas Freeman. 

It features many of Britain’s top comedians (in my price bracket) including: Leo Kearse, Lewis Shaffer, Darius Davies, Danny Posthill, Brian Damage, Vicky de Lacy, Vicky Kember, Steve N Allen, Tim Clark and Susan Murray, who also produced the video. 

As always audio is mixed by the remarkably patient Wayne McIntyre. 

Enjoy the song!

My thanks to Tedfold Cottage Farm and The Rose & Crown, Walthamstow