What I Do.

Some Reviews of My Work.

“Mercurially witty” The Spectator “Visciously funny and inventive” The Guardian “Great comedy talent” Chortle “A tour de force” Matt Ridley “Extraordinary” James Harding (Director, BBC News) “Incredibly thought-provoking” Al Murray “Brilliant Steve Baker MP “A brilliant book” Douglas Carswell “A must-read” Roger Bootle ‘A great account. Read it!’ Sir Richard Branson

What I’m Doing Right Now.

(updated 18th November 2021)


  • My biggest current undertaking is an audio adaptation of my dad’s stage musical, Kisses on a Postcard. This has been a huge project that has taken over a year and will be ready in early 2022.
  • I’m hosting a new paper review show on GB News – Headliners.
  • I’m always working on new songs and stand up.
  • There is my weekly column for Moneyweek and the YouTube videos, Money and Markets.
  • And if I can find some time, I might soon start work on a new book to add to the three already in print.