aka The Libertarian National Anthem

by Dominic Frisby
(To the music of the Russian National Anthem by Alexander Alexandrov)

Arise libertarians
Above totalitarians
Our guide is the mighty Invisible Hand.
Reject state controllers
Collectors, patrollers
Our choices are better than government plans.

Taxation is a form of theft.
Free markets and free trade are best.
Free speech, free movement, free minds & free choice
Our actions are all voluntary
Not coerced or compulsory.
War we abhor
Socialism does not work.

No debt or inflation
No stealth confiscation.
No pigs in the trough at the gravy to drink.
No state education
To brainwash our nation.
No experts dictate what to do, what to think.

We scorn your fiat currency!
Gold and bitcoin is our money.
We own ourselves, and we live and let live.
We take responsibility.
Life, love and liberty.
Leave us alone.
Let a thousand flowers bloom.

© Dominic Frisby
May 2019
PDF version is here