Daylight Robbery has had a terrific response: 

“A highly readable account … of paramount importance” Luke Johnson, Sunday Times
“A brilliant book,” Douglas Carswell, MP
“A tour de force” Matt Ridley, author
“A rollicking good read ” Merryn Somerset Webb, FT
“A must-read” Roger Bootle, economist
“A real page-turner” Steve Baker, MP
“Spectacular” Mark Littlewood, IEA
“A book that people on both  of politics should read … highly recommended,” Helen Dale, CAPX
“Here is a prodigious talent,” Jamie Blackett, The Critic
“A book about tax, that is readable, fascinating – and fun! Sounds impossible, I know. But that’s what Dominic Frisby has written,” Liam Halligan, Telegraph
“A fascinating, must-read” Liz Truss, MP
“Masterful” Jon Matonis, economist
“Utterly gripping” Simon Evans, comedian
“A great read” George Galloway, former MP
“Fantastic ” Roger Ver, entrepreneur”Both amusing and informative, it’s a romp” Bill Bonner, author
“Hugely readable … ought to be compulsory reading,” Sam Packer, Tax Payers Alliance
“This entertaining, easily read book will make you laugh and arm you for debates”
Heather McGregor, Mrs Moneypenny, The Sunday Times

Unfortunately I have now sold out of paperbacks and hardbacks, and there are no more reprints currently scheduled before the autumn. Amazon has also sold out. The only option is now Waterstones or the kindle version.

 I would highly recommend the audiobook at Audible and elsewhere.