17 Million Fuck-Offs has been updated. If 40 or 50,000 people buy the single, that could be enough to get it Number One.  Wouldn’t it be fookin’ hilarious to have it blaring on radios across the country on January 31?

(edit: I’m hearing that 50,000 would probably get it into the Top Ten. More likely it would take  more to get it to Number One)

You can buy the single at Amazon or at iTunes. Or, ideally, both. It’s only 99p (79p on iTunes). 

Neither Amazon nor iTunes make it easy to buy singles any more, but a bit of persistence will help you bypass Amazon and Apple music to actually buy the single.

Streaming helps (especially on Spotify) but buying the single is much more effective. One purchase is equivalent to 1,000 streams. 

Please spread the word. It would be a very funny thing …