Hmm. What to get a loved one/boss/colleague/ person you are trying impress this Christmas?  I have the solution (s). 

A signed first edition of what is set to be one of the books of the decade. Or a signed CD of what must be the greatest album of comic songs ever produced (in Brockley).

I have now sold out of hardbacks and paperbacks, as has Amazon, and they are not printing any more till the autumn. You can still buy them at Waterstones.

 I would also recommend the audiobook at Audible and elsewhere.

Libertarian Love Songs, at just a tenner, is the ideal stocking filler or light-hearted present for renegade uncles.  There are two bonus tracks on there which you can’t get on the internet – yes … Here is the button to order a signed CD.
[wpecpp name=”Libertarian Love Songs CD” price=”10.00″ align=”center”]


And I also have signed copies of Life After The State for sale at £12.50
[wpecpp name=”Life After The State signed copy” price=”12.50″ align=”center”]

And if you want to buy any of the above, but pay in bitcoin, drop me a line frizzers

I did a talk at the IEA a fortnight ago, and they bought three boxes of Daylight Robbery, got me to sign them and are now giving them to government ministers for Christmas . You should do the same!

Not only will giving somebody a copy of Daylight Robbery make you look clever, the person getting it will, unlike most books, actually enjoy reading it. I know – the reviews have been amazing. You can gently lure your deluded left-wing friend/family member to the Dark Side of low taxes, or confirm the biases of the insufferable right winger. You win either way.

And it’s signed, so it’s special. I’ll put a bespoke message on there as well, if you like – just let me know what to say.