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Christmas pressies

Hmm, what to get that loved one or business associate for Christmas?

Well, surely you can get no better than an experience that simultaneously entertains, thrills and educates them as to a revolutionary new technology which is about to change the way the we operate; an experience Sir Richard Branson describes as ‘great’, Lord Ridley describes as ‘outstanding’ and Steve Baker MP describes as ‘thrilling’; an experience  that will be delivered free to any address in the UK, and for a few quid anywhere worldwide.

All for just £8.99.

Surely such a thing is not possible?

It is. Here. What’s more, buy a copy,  and I’ll write you a bespoke message on the inside cover for the business associate/loved one/both of your choice.

And, if you want to enlighten them, you could always go for the Life After The State option at £10.99. I’ll sign that too.

Six easy steps to getting started with Bitcoin

1. Go to Blockchain or Coinbase and get yourself a wallet. All you need is an email address and password. You will then be told your wallet address. Copy it.

2. You now need to deposit some money.

If you are in the US, you can do this directly through Coinbase. Deposit $20.

In the UK, you should go to Bittylicious. Paste your wallet address where it says “bitcoin address”. Now deposit £20.

There are different exchanges for elsewhere in the world. I can’t list them all. Sorry.

3. Get a friend to do the same.

4. Practise sending each other small amounts of money.

5. Go to a café that accepts bitcoins and buy yourself a coffee.

6. Well done. You’re now part of the revolution.

7. I know I said six, but this is the most necessary step of all:  read my book.

The Idler and Financial Sense

I’m a big fan of Tom Hodgkinson and the Idler. How To Be Idle and How To Be Free are two of my favourite books. I’m really going to throw the cat amongst the pigeons when I say this, but I think the latter is better.

Anyway, I wrote this piece for them today – go read it. And then come to my talk there on Tuesday November 4th.

I’ve also been a long-time listener to the Financial Sense Newshour – so it was great to be interviewed by Cris Sheridan there, though I didn’t half ramble on. (Right click to download).