Comrade In Arms,I bring news.

My book, Life After The State, after about seventy-two re-writes is now finished. It is edited. It is complete.

It is about to be sent to the printers, who, working like Saruman’s orcs, will produce copy after copy. Said copies shall be distributed throughout the free lands, and the memes therein will spread like an angelic virus through the minds of the people. And the world will be right once more.

But just one thing.

Many of you have bought the book. I know. I have seen the evidence. You may hold your heads high, walk proudly through the streets and continue with your day.

But many of you have not.  I know this is hard to believe, but close friends, family members, even my professional representatives have failed to reach hands into pockets to support this noble endeavour. Within this class of non-supporters, there are three categories.

Category One: those that, quite frankly, are just not interested. Fair enough. I shall recover. Not everyone pre-ordered Great Expectations after all.

Category Two: those that meant to, but ‘have not yet got round to it’. You know who you are.

And Category Three, the most insidious category of all: those that claim to have bought the book, but in fact have not. Blow winds and crack your cheeks what a sorry category of man is this.

But all is not lost, ye people of Categories Two and Three. For there is still a chance to make amends and secure a prized first edition of this future masterpiece. Moreover, besides and additionally, there is a chance to have your name, YOUR GREAT AND WORTHY NAME, inscribed on the pages therein.

So do not tarry and visit ye now this page upon the internet with your Paypal information or credit card at hand. Order a copy. And enlightenment shall be yours.

Thank you!

Looking forward to Life After The State.

With the kindest of regards,