I was amused to read the following passage in M.E. Thomas’ Confessions of a Sociopathwhich I just finished last night:

‘I use Britishisms when I can remember to do so. I have noticed that other sociopaths do this as well – there are several whom I know to be Americans who internationalize their language and their cultural references, the result perhaps of their natural instincts to obscure and befuddle. It’s not enough to try to keep your personal information out of reach. One must also actively poison the well with disinformation.’

Of course, we all know Satoshi was an active user of Britishisms probably with this same very purpose to mislead people about his identity.

But the idea that he was a sociopath has never, to my knowledge, been considered. I don’t think he was, by the way. But it would explain his meticulousness.

Interesting, no?

For more on Satoshi and who he is, you need, of course, to read this.