I have started a podcast in collaboration with Virgin, called – and it beats me how we think of these things – the Virgin Podcast.

I will post the first couple of episodes here, but would urge you all, if you like what I do podcast-wise, to subscribe – either at iTunes or via SoundCloud.

We have got some great interviews lined up – Alastair Campbell next week, Merryn Somerset Webb the week after and all sorts of interesting people scheduled in over the autumn. I mean, really interesting people.

The main themes of the show will be the things you associate with Richard Branson and Virgin: business, tech, travel, social issues and self-improvement.

If you have an iPhone (or any kind of smart phone), open the podcasts app, and then search for ‘Virgin podcast’. It will be the first name that comes up. Hit subscribe and then you will get each programme delivered to your phone as soon as it is uploaded. Then you can listen when you’re on your daily commute, doing you’re daily exercise or doing the laundry – whenever it is you might listen to the radio.

The first interview is with Luke Lang, co-founder of CrowdCube, one of the world’s leading crowdfunding investment platforms.

In the second episode I talk to Artificial Intelligence architect and author, George Zarkadakis.