Life After The State has received a couple of lovely comments :

If you’re still keen on revolution, give Brand a miss and have a read of some genuinely fresh ideas from Dominic Frisby – his book Life After The State … will give you a lot more food for thought than anything Brand trots out.
John Stepek, editor Moneyweek Magazine

Congratulations on your brilliant book.  I already know it will do more good than all my speeches in Parliament and around the country. I should think I will crib heavily from your excellent writing. It is turning out to be a light, passionate and powerful denunciation of a century of state failure.
Steve Baker, MP 

In his new book Life After The State, the writer and commentator Dominic Frisby suggests a few solutions to this mess and he does it with the scalpel-brain of an economy geek and the sharp tongue of a former standup comedian … His arguments are not only convincing in principle … they are also compelling in practice. I loved the book.
Mark Smith, Herald Scotland

Meanwhile a chap on Amazon, Ioannis Glinavos, gave it a two-star review and  described it as ‘attractive, well written, yet wrong.’ He continues,  ‘I got the book after I heard the author talking about it on Radio 4 (I spend a lot of time on the M4 unfortunately). I was worried that the book will be another of these libertarian right wing diatribes about how the market, if set free, would cure all ills. Actually, this is what the book is.What I was not prepared for was how well written it is and how engaging the style. Shame about the content though … the author here is certainly wrong’.

So now we know.