These are the investment blogs that I read most days .

Global Economic Analysis. Mish’s output is phenomenal. He covers a broad range of financial and economic subjects and has got a number of his big calls right. He comes at things from a deflationist Austrian perspective, which sometimes leads him to be perhaps a bit too bearish – though he might say cautious – but his work on money, banking, credit and the consequences of inflation is second to none.

IKN. Under the name of Otto Rock, this Englishman in Peru has taken it upon himself to out all bullshitters in the mining industry, as well as track important news from Latin America. Some of his writing is so aggressive it takes your breath away, but he usually knows what he’s talking about – and that makes it compelling reading. It’s also funny. It’s all bringing on a much-needed improvement in standards in junior mining. Whatever you do, don’t get on the wrong side of Otto.

All Star Charts. This guy’s technical analysis is excellent. Anyone can understand it. (I don’t why I don’t call him by his name, which is JC Parets). He covers a wide range of markets. And, perhaps most importantly of all, he is unbiased. Prejudice is the greatest failing of many an investor.

Tom Winnifrith. Tom writes on a wide range of subjects from AIM stocks to his pizza restaurant to West Ham to his ‘stupid lefty’ family. He’s very entertaining and he’s another one who’s output is … Well, I don’t know how he manages to produce as much as he does. A good writer.

Vancouver Venture. Some simple, calm, sensible thoughts about junior mining stocks on the Canadian Venture Exchange.