I’ve written a book.

It contains everything you need to know. It will solve all your problems and bring profound understanding.

Actually it’s a book about money and social systems – the result of all the reading and study that came with my unexpected foray into gold many years ago.

I’m publishing it with Unbound, who are changing the way publishing works. Before a book is published, readers hear a pitch. If they like the idea, they can pledge to support it. In exchange for a pledge you receive rewards – in addition to the unadulterated pleasure of owning and reading the book yourself. The bigger the pledge, the bigger the reward.

I need your help to get the book published. I really do. So please go the website, hear the pitch – and make a pledge. Here’s the link.

This book can save the world. So by helping me, you are actually helping to save the world. Saving the world is a pretty good thing to have done on a Wednesday.

And also I’ll know exactly who has pledged. And, more importantly – who hasn’t. So if our relationship is worth anything …

Here’s that link once again .

And here’s the video pitch: