Here’s the interview with Alastair Campbell. I urge you to listen. He is very interesting.

Alastair Campbell is best known as the man who organized the strategy of one Britain’s best-known prime ministers, Tony Blair – who happens to be the only leader of its last eight that Labour has managed to get elected. Alastair knows a thing or two about masterminding success.


Of course, there’s a lot more to him than the Blair years. He’s an accomplished author – he’s written eleven books; an experienced journalist; an award-winning broadcaster; a mad keen sports fanatic and an extremely well connected and respected man, who is fascinated by what it takes to win. And that is the subject of his latest book, Winners and How they Succeed.

Why is it that some people are so incredibly successful? What are they doing that others aren’t? Is there some special gene that they possess? Or is there a blueprint we can all follow?

Listen to the interview to find out …

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