So says Merryn Somerset Webb in the latest Virgin Podcast.

“Kids watch too much telly,” she says. “They get this idea in their head that if you ‘never give up’, you will be successful. But in fact lots of people never give up and they still fail.

“Hard work and a sense of mission is absolutely no guarantee whatsoever of success. It can be the wrong kind of work, it could be hard work and the right kind of work done at the wrong time. There a million things that could mean you end up a total failure regardless of your commitment to your cause and your willingness to stick with your cause.

“One of things I would love people to understand about entrepreneurship is that it’s okay to give up. You should stop. If it’s not working, you should stop. There is no reason to push on until you’ve bankrupted yourself, your social lives and your family.”

Merryn is extremely bright and extremely articulate. This is a great interview.

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