I very excited to be going to the Edinburgh Festival this August. My show is called Dominic Frisby’s Financial Gameshow. It’s at 5pm at the Gilded Balloon.

Here’s the blurb:

Dominic Frisby, the world’s only financial expert and comedian, is host and quizmaster in this classic gameshow full of fascinating financial facts. Contestants from the audience (willing volunteers only) can win big prizes including £500 in cash – there is £500 to be won every show – solid silver and bitcoin cash. Games range from higher-lower for house prices to to high-pressure quiz questions with the £500 jackpot at stake. Exciting, informative, amusing. What’s not to like?

‘Very witty… entertaining and educational… impressive’ (The Times).
‘Funny, absorbing… full of historical insights’ (The Spectator).

We have got some great prizes for the winners: silver bullion kindly donated by Ross Norman at Sharps Pixley; Moneyweek subscriptions (thank you Merryn); bitcoin cash; and a £500 jackpot each show, donated by a mystery sponsor whose name is yet to be announced.

I rather like the pic (taken by Steve Best) with some groovy graphic design from John Griffiths at Lua Design.

Tickets have now gone on sale. Book early to avoid disappointment, as they say.

Or please come and see a preview.

May 22 Downstairs at the King’s Head. (Crouch End in North London)
June 7 The Star (Plumstead in south east London)
July 4 somewhere in Leicester (I haven’t yet got the details) and
July 24 Downstairs at the King’s Head (Crouch End in North London)

I need to get some more previews booked in, so if anybody has an event that they need an hour-long gameshow at, please let me know …

That’s about it, I think. Pip pip. See you soon.