Perhaps rather foolhardily, I am doing FOUR shows at the Edinburgh Festival this year, though not all of them every day.

Here is some info about each of them.

First up, we have my main show – Libertarian Love Songs. That’s at 5.10pm every day at the Banshee Labyrinth (venue 156), probably the coolest venue in Edinburgh (and the most haunted, apparently). is is a free show, so you can’t buy tickets. You just roll up to the venue in good time for a 5.10pm start.

It’ll be me playing some of the songs I’ve been working on this past year, including 17 Million F*ck Offs, I Am Secretly In Love With Nigel Farage and others. People with a Libertarian world view are going to love it. Others will not …  NB There will be a lot of swearing.

My next show will contain no swearing. And you can buy tickets for it in advance. It’s called Adam Smith: Father of the Fringe.

It’s me wearing my financial hat, basically – a lecture about the economics of the Edinburgh Festival and how, unintentionally, it has realised all the doctrines of Adam Smith. And the lecture takes place in what was Adam Smith’s front room. That’s at 12pm on August 9-11 and 15-18 (we may extend if it sells well).

Edit: Sales are ahead of expectation so we have added some dates: August 13, and 22-25.

Then we have The Shadowpunk Revolution. A sci-fi rock drama about invisibility, inspired by Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds, with music by Asaf Zohar. This is another free show at 7.10 every day from August 19-25 (ignore the fringe brochure this has the wrong dates) at the Outhouse Bar Loft.

A police officer from rural Devon investigating the rise of druguse locally discovers dealers have been using some kind of invisibility technology. His investigations lead him into a new world of crypto-activists, who developed the tech in reaction to state and corporate invasion of privacy. Their invention is a force for good, but also a force for evil. What does our hero do?


And, finally, we have another ticketed show – The Butcher, the Brewer, the Baker… and the Commentator. This is a basically a chat show with leading economists, politicians, finance gurus and, occasionally, comedians with FT Columnist and Moneyweek Editor in Chief, Merryn Somerset Webb, as host. Although some days that host will be me. (August 3,4, 7-11, and 25). Tickets here.