My new book Daylight robbery comes out this Thursday and I am very excited.

I was planning to knock it out in a couple of months after Edinburgh 2016 and it ended up taking me the best part of three years to write. The history of tax is as old as the  history of civilisation, so there was a lot to get through. But I reckon it’s my best yet.

EDIT: I have now sold out of hardbacks, so has Amazon, and no more are being printed, though you can still buy them at Waterstones.

I would also recommend the audiobook at Audible and elsewhere.

The response so far has been better than I could have expected:

“A book about tax, that is readable, fascinating – and fun! Sounds impossible, I know. But that’s what Dominic Frisby has written,” Liam Halligan, Telegraph
“A brilliant book,” Douglas Carswell
“A tour de force” Matt Ridley
“A must-read” Roger Bootle
“A great read” George Galloway
“A real page-turner” Steve Baker”
“Spectacular” Mark Littlewood
“A fascinating, must-read” Liz Truss
“Masterful” Jon Matonis
“Utterly gripping” Simon Evans
“Fantastic ” Roger Ver
“Hugely engaging” Merryn Somerset Webb
“Both amusing and informative, it’s a romp” Bill Bonner
“You need to read this book”, Greg Moffitt.
“Hugely readable,” Sam Packer, Tax Payers Alliance
“Frisby’s tax book is REALLY good. I can’t recommend it highly enough,” James Delingpole