My son, Samuel, who is 9, was trying to persuade me the other day to buy him a pair of trainers. ‘They’re only nine pounds,’ he said. ‘For both’.

Then about a day later he was trying to persuade me to buy him some lego from Argos. He explained that something cost £35. I said I thought it cost £75. ‘No,’ he said. ‘It’s jaw-dropping prices.’

Joe Cole and Jamie Carragher , the footballers, were interviewed on ITV4 the other night. The interviewer was all over Cole asking him how he was settling at Liverpool, what he thought of Hodgson and so on. Carraagher was being ignored and eventually said, ‘Hey. I’m here too, you know’. Without pausing, the interviewer turned to him and she said, ‘So how do you think Joe Cole is settling in?’

Was it deliberate? There’s the big question.