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The Voiceover Experience: Part IV

Not so much a voiceover experience as much as a studio experience, here is the classic row between The Troggs.

[audio:|titles=The Troggs]

You see what happens when no one’s in charge …

The Voiceover Experience Part I. Stan Freberg.

Stan Freberg is American author, recording artist, animation voice actor, comedian, radio personality, puppeteer and advertising creative director . Now in his 80s he is still working in this business some 70 years after entering it.







There have been numerous skits and sketches that describe the voiceover experience, but none as well as this. It’s a sketch from the 1950s featuring voiceover artist ‘Morrie Siduals’ attempting to utter the line ‘Bloopers Soap Is Real Good’. Despite computers and modern recording technology, the process of doing a voiceover from the moment you enter reception hasn’t changed at all.

[audio:|titles=Stan Freberg – Bloopers Soap Is Real Good]


Roary The Racing Car

A number of people ask me which voices I do in Roary The Racing Car.

I am:

Molecom The Mole
Rusty The Caravan
PC Pete
Flatbed The Truck
James, Mamma Mia’s Chauffeur
Loada, The Car Transporter

Here they all are in action: