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18 Steps Of Self-Destruction

For those of you interested in mining …

The cynic is back. Dominic Frisby talks to veteran private investor, Dr John Wolstencroft. The good doctor describes how a junior mining company can take itself from a p/e of just 1 to a p/e of 100 in 18 easy steps.

[audio:|titles=18 Steps To Mining Self-Destruction]


Here’s the accompanying PDF / slide show.

And here it is on YouTube.


Occupy London

A fortnight ago I visited Occupy London and interviewed some of the protestors.

Listen here to what they had to say: DFOccupiesLondon.mp3

Latest Moneyweek andFrisby’s Bulls And Bears

I look forward to the day when I have some exciting comedy news to post on here. Like a TV or radio commission. But, for now, here are links to my latest Moneyweek articles and my latest podcasts.

The latter contained this paragraph, which I was pleased with:

But this week, just as gold made new records, the Bank Of Japan took fiscal insanity to a whole new level, slashing interest rates to 0% and then announcing a newly printed pool of ¥5trn (c. £40bn) to buy all sorts of assets – Japanese government bonds, commercial paper, asset-backed commercial paper, corporate bonds, exchange-traded funds and Japanese real estate investment trusts. I have some old junk that I was planning to sell on eBay. I’m wondering if I should just cut out the middle man and contact the Bank of Japan directly.

3 New Episodes of Frisby’s Bulls And Bears And A New Piece For Moneyweek

‘Sell in May and go away. Come back on St Leger’s Day,’ runs the old City maxim. It was St Leger’s Day last week. Should we be getting back into the stock market? Find out my views here …

Meanwhile, we have 3 new Frisby’s Bulls And Bears:

With Ian Gordon, the Long Wave Analyst ,

Michael Hampton from Hong Kong

and pattern recognition expert, Larry Pesavento .