CDs for sale

CDs for sale

Digital copies of all albums are available at Bandcamp. Signed CDs are below. Spool down for the album you want - sorry for the crap lay out. All albums include postage and packing, and are signed. (Email me frizzers(at) if you want a bespoke message). Number...

CDs for sale

Flogging merchandise

Get your Anthems for the Excommunicated CDs! The Full Monty - Anthems and Libertarian Love Songs - is £20 . Try the button below. (For those who prefer a digital-only version, please try Bandcamp) And if you just want Libertarian Love Songs, that's a...

Before I’m Deleted – Comedy Unleashed November 8

An evening of curious songs with Dominic Frisby and band Come to Comedy Unleashed, at the Backyard in Bethnal Green, for an evening of "curious songs" with me and my band. This is going to be a fantastic night - one to remember. There's a full band - the Gilets Jaunes...

We Are The Ugly – new song

We Are The Ugly – new song

We Are The Ugly is based on some research I once read by American economist Daniel Hamermesh about the most discriminated against group in society. It doesn't matter what race you are, what class, what sex or what age: beauty pays - attractive people are more...

We Are The Ugly – new song

We Are The Ugly

Here are some stills from my next music vid, featuring among others Zara du Rose as the Evil Queen. It premieres this Saturday night at 830pm


We have a new song for your afternoon's entertainment, FOMO,  complete with dancing girls and special effects.  You don't want to miss this one. FOMO is written and performed by yours truly, with music by Noah Fleetwood. Video by Goat. ...

I Love Wetherspoons

We have a new song, for your amusement, about Britain's favourite institution.  I Love Wetherspoons! International subscribers may well wonder, "WTH is Wetherspoons?", but those who abide in the once great...

The Libertarian “National” Anthem

I'm delighted to announce that, approximately eighteen months behind schedule, the Libertarian "National" Anthem is finally here.  It premieres this Saturday night at 8pm GMT on YouTube. Please come along and watch. ...

Oh, bollocks!

Oh, bollocks!

To whet your appetite, some stills from my next vid ... With music by Noah Fleetwood and directed by Mark Jackson this one is a belter. It premieres on YouTube on Thursday at 19.30 GMT. See you there.


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