To the Compost Bin

Was ever there a more beautiful thing
Than the site of a steaming compost bin?
To look’s not enough, you must behold
This putrefying, festering mound of mold.

Cut grass and leaves, squashed tomatoes, melons
Old tea bags, stale bread, squeezed-out lemons,
Bananas turned black, egg shells galore,
All coated in powdery-blue fungal spore.

All those things you don’t want, put them here
And it will be nutritious soil in a year
Thanks to worms and ants, beetles and lice.
It is a creepy-crawly paradise.

With nothing but their own self-interest in mind.
They tirelessly process the peel and the rind.
Nothing is wasted, nor centrally planned –
It’s like Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand.

This is an example, it’s plain to see,
Of a functioning, free-market economy.

Dominic Frisby, October 2017

Stuff That Interests Me with Liam Halligan talking Brexit

This week’s Stuff That Interests me is with Telegraph columnist and broadcaster Liam Halligan discussing Clean Brexit, written with economist Gerard Lyons.

The second half, in which Liam describes the conspiracies afoot, particularly in House Of Lords, to undermine the vote and engender a second referendum are very interesting, as are the potential consequences to our democracy and economy of a re-vote.

If you prefer to listen via podcast, here’s a link to the audio version at itunes and here it is at Acast.


Stuff That Interests Me with James Delingpole

I’ll be recording several interviews over the next few weeks for Stuff That Interests Me and here’s the first of them with journalist, broadcaster and professional provocateur, James Delingpole. “The world is in a very dangerous place at the moment,” he says.

Here’s the audio version (and here it is on itunes) if you’re a podcast person, and here’s the video version: