Christmas Pressies

Hmm. What to get a loved one/boss/colleague/ person you are trying impress this Christmas?  I have the solution (s). 

A signed first edition of what is set to be one of the books of the decade. Or a signed CD of what must be the greatest album of comic songs ever produced (in Brockley).

Here is the Paypal button to order a signed hardback of Daylight Robbery – How Tax Shaped Our Past And Will Change Our Future.

Libertarian Love Songs, at just a tenner, is the ideal stocking filler or light-hearted present for renegade uncles.  There are two bonus tracks on there which you can’t get on the internet – yes … Here is the button to order a signed CD.

If you would prefer paperbacks of Daylight Robbery, I have five for sale. Cost is £15 (don’t ask me why they are so dear, I don’t understand)

And I also have signed copies of Life After The State for sale at £12.50

And if you want to buy any of the above, but pay in bitcoin, drop me a line frizzers

I did a talk at the IEA a fortnight ago, and they bought three boxes of Daylight Robbery, got me to sign them and are now giving them to government ministers for Christmas . You should do the same!

Not only will giving somebody a copy of Daylight Robbery make you look clever, the person getting it will, unlike most books, actually enjoy reading it. I know – the reviews have been amazing. You can gently lure your deluded left-wing friend/family member to the Dark Side of low taxes, or confirm the biases of the insufferable right winger. You win either way.

And it’s signed, so it’s special. I’ll put a bespoke message on there as well, if you like – just let me know what to say.



Some of the documentaries I’ve narrated

This post is more for my benefit than yours. It’s just a record of some of the documentaries I’ve narrated over the years, before it all gets totally forgotten.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but :

2017 Wild New Zealand: Lost Paradise (Natural History New Zealand) [5]
2016 Britain’s Billionaire Immigrants (Avanti for Channel 4)[6]
2015 Ultimate Animals (Nat Geo Wild) [7]
2014 Woman Raised by Monkeys (National Geographic)
2013 Ice Age Giants [8] 
– Last of the Giants
– Land of the Cave Bear
– Land of the Sabre-Tooth
2013 Martian Mega Rover (National Geographic) [9]
2013 Hyaena Queen Of The Masai Mara (ORF) [10]
2012 Bird Brain (Parthenon) [11]
2012 Light The Ocean (National Geographic) [12]
2012 Teen Sex (National Geographic) [13]
2012 Puma! (ZDF) [14]
2012 Secrets of Our Living Planet (BBC, National Geographic) [15] 
– Waterworlds
– The Secret of the Savannah
– The Emerald Band
2012 Four Horsemen (Motherlode) [16]
2011 Journey Through The Milky Way (National Geographic) [17]
2011 Mystery Of The Murdered Saints (National Geographic) [18]
2011 Iceland Volcano The Aftermath (National Geographic) [19]
2011 Saxon Gold: New Secrets Revealed (Fulcrum TV, National Geographic) [20]
2010 Fireball Of Christ (National Geographic) [21]
2010 Journey To The Planets (National Geographic) [22]
2010 Preventing Armageddon (National Geographic) [23]
2010 The World’s Biggest Cave (National Geographic) [24]
2010 Living On Mars (National Geographic) [25]
2010 Naked Science (National Geographic) [26]
2010 Megastructures (National Geographic) [27]
2010 Inside Nature’s Giants (Windfall Films) [28]
2010 Clan of the Meerkat (MB-Naturfilm, NDR Naturfilm, Studio Hamburg Produktion Hannover) [29]
2010/11 The Truth Behind (Zig Zag) [30] [31] 
– Zombies
– Atlantis
– King Arthur
– The Ark
– The Loch Ness Monster
– UFOs
– The Crystal Skulls
2010 Tiger Queen (Grey Films India) [32]
2010 Madness in the Fast Lane (BBC) [33]
2010 Megaquake (National Geographic) [35]
2010 Extreme Universe(Base Productions) [36] 
– Star Gates
– Time Bombs
– Edge of Space
– Space Storms
– Collision Course
2010 The Pack (National Geographic) [37]
2009 Earth’s Evil Twin (National Geographic) [38]
2009 Naked Science – Superdiamonds (National Geographic) [39]
2009 Known Universe – The Biggest and Smallest (BASE Productions, National Geographic Channel, Parthenon Entertainment) [40]
2008/9 How Do The Do It? (Wag/Discovery)
2008 Martian Robots (National Geographic) [41]
2008 Legend of the Crystal Skulls (National Geographic Channel, Picture Films, Smithsonian Networks) [42]
2007 Earth Investigated (National Geographic) [43]
2007 Saved by The Sun (National Geographic) [44]
2007 When China Ruled The Waves (Parthenon) [45]
2007 Silence Of The Bees (UK version) National Geographic
2007 Valley Of The Wolves (National Geographic) [46]
2007 Engineering the Impossible – The Alhambra (national Geographic) [47]
2007 Naked Science – Birth of the Solar System (Steadfast Television)[48]
2006 Inside The Green Berets (National Geographic, UK version)
2006 I Smack And I’m Proud (ITV)
2006 The Girl Who Never Ate (BBC) [49]
2006 Pitch Battles: England vs Germany (TWI) [50]
2006 A Tudor Feast at Christmas (Lion Television/BBC) [51]
2005 Kings Of Construction (Wag)
2005 Holiday Airport (ITV)
2005 The Secret Life of an Office Cleaner (BBC) [52]
2005 Science of Star Wars (Evergreen Films in association with Lucasfilm) [53]
2002 The Ship (BBC), directed by Chris Terrill [54]
1998 The Cruise (BBC), directed by Chris Terrill [55]

Daylight Robbery – How Tax Shaped Our Past and Will Change Our Future

My new book Daylight robbery comes out this Thursday and I am very excited.

I was planning to knock it out in a couple of months after Edinburgh 2016 and it ended up taking me the best part of three years to write. The history of tax is as old as the  history of civilisation, so there was a lot to get through. But I reckon it’s my best yet.

You can order a copy at Amazon, of, if you prefer, I’ve got a few signed hardbacks for sale. If you’d like one cost is £22.50 including p&p. (If you want to send it outside the UK, please drop me a line at frizzers at

If that Paypal button doesn’t work, please try this one.

(If you order one, can you drop me a line saying if you want just a signature or a personal note frizzers at

If you want a cheaper, non-signed version, then go via Amazon.

If you’re an audiobook person, that comes out on Thursday too.

The response so far has been better than I could have expected:

“A book about tax, that is readable, fascinating – and fun! Sounds impossible, I know. But that’s what Dominic Frisby has written,” Liam Halligan, Telegraph
“A brilliant book,” Douglas Carswell
“A tour de force” Matt Ridley
“A must-read” Roger Bootle
“A great read” George Galloway
“A real page-turner” Steve Baker”
“Spectacular” Mark Littlewood
“A fascinating, must-read” Liz Truss
“Masterful” Jon Matonis
“Utterly gripping” Simon Evans
“Fantastic ” Roger Ver
“Hugely engaging” Merryn Somerset Webb
“Both amusing and informative, it’s a romp” Bill Bonner
“You need to read this book”, Greg Moffitt.
“Hugely readable,” Sam Packer, Tax Payers Alliance



Libertarian Love Songs Comes to London’s West End

Libertarian Love Songs is coming to London for a run at the Leicester Square Theatre Museum of Comedy.

With full band.

We open on October 31 (Brexit Day – LOL), November 1 and November 2. (In the event of a no-deal Brexit, essential medical supplies will be provided).

This is likely to sell out. Book early to avoid disappointment. Tickets here. 

Can’t wait.

NB The highly regarded Scottish broadsheet, the Scotsman, declared this show its pick of the musical comedies at the Edinburgh Fringe, ahead of far more celebrated musical acts (who I have no intention of plugging here). Libertarian Love Songs is a “must-see” said this illustrious broadsheet. The eminent critic, Kate Copstick, both revered and feared, stated that this was, “beautifully crafted, cleverly pitched comedy delivered with finesse.”

Don’t miss it.


Funding some epic comedy videos

I’m raising £5,000 to fund a week of filming in October.

We are aiming to produce at least 8 videos. 

Most will be comedy music videos, but there will be a couple of zombie comedy sketches as well from a film I one day plan to make.

The most ambitious project is the National Anthem of Libertaria for which we are hoping to get a cast of fifty to a hundred and take over a whole street.

Please can you help us fund the project?

Click here to find out more.