Six easy steps to getting started with Bitcoin

1. Go to Blockchain or Coinbase and get yourself a wallet. All you need is an email address and password. You will then be told your wallet address. Copy it.

2. You now need to deposit some money.

If you are in the US, you can do this directly through Coinbase. Deposit $20.

In the UK, you should go to Bittylicious. Paste your wallet address where it says “bitcoin address”. Now deposit £20.

There are different exchanges for elsewhere in the world. I can’t list them all. Sorry.

3. Get a friend to do the same.

4. Practise sending each other small amounts of money.

5. Go to a café that accepts bitcoins and buy yourself a coffee.

6. Well done. You’re now part of the revolution.

7. I know I said six, but this is the most necessary step of all:  read my book.

The Idler and Financial Sense

I’m a big fan of Tom Hodgkinson and the Idler. How To Be Idle and How To Be Free are two of my favourite books. I’m really going to throw the cat amongst the pigeons when I say this, but I think the latter is better.

Anyway, I wrote this piece for them today – go read it. And then come to my talk there on Tuesday November 4th.

I’ve also been a long-time listener to the Financial Sense Newshour – so it was great to be interviewed by Cris Sheridan there, though I didn’t half ramble on. (Right click to download).

Matt Ridley in the Times – Could these weird coins transform our lives?

If you’ve read your Life After The State, you’ll know I’m a huge admirer of Matt Ridley and, in particular, The Rational Optimist.

So I was delighted to read his column in Monday’s Times – Could These Weird Coins Transform Our Lives.

You need to be a subscriber to the Times to read it in full. Now that Monday has passed, I’m sure those in charge will forgive me for posting this jailbroken copy for you to look at in case you’re not –  Could these weird coins transform our lives? | The Times.

Bitcoin – the Future of Money? – what they’ve said so far

We now have a website for Bitcoin – the Future of Money? – it’s here.

There aren’t exactly hundreds of fun activities to do on it – it’s more for information purposes – but one thing you can do is buy the audiobook, should audiobooks about Bitcoin happen to be your thing.

Meanwhile, here are the comments we’ve had on the book so far:

‘Bitcoin is one of the most important innovations of our time – it will transform the way we do business. Dominic Frisby has written a great account. Read it and glimpse into the future’
Sir Richard Branson

‘The book’s outstanding, but the story it tells is even better.’
Matt Ridley, The Times

‘In this highly readable yet technically accomplished book, Dominic Frisby makes crypto currencies crystal clear. Read it, or fail to understand possibly the most important financial innovation of our time.’
Liam Halligan, Sunday Telegraph

‘Despite having an MSc in Computer Science and spending over ten years studying monetary theory, I ignored Bitcoin as hype for too long. You shouldn’t. Read Dominic’s thrilling book and discover the next big thing.’
Steve Baker, MP

‘It’s a stunning piece of work’
Professor Kevin Dowd, Durham University Professor of Finance and Economics