Bitcoin cover designs

Here are some of the possible covers for the Bitcoin book.

Take a look at the writing around the edge of the Bitcoin in the first three.

‘Decentralized digital cash. Pecuniam sine imperio nec argentariis. In proof we trust’. The Latin translates as ‘money without government or banks’. (I hope I’ve got that right.)

The designer is Dan Mogford.

I’ll tell you which one we have gone for at the bottom.






Much as we love the coin, we have chosen to develop the fifth of these. What do you think?


Wealth Summit

I am speaking at Graham Rowan’s Wealth Summit on Saturday September 13th in London along with Andrew Craig, Justin Urquhart Stewart and Graham himself.

Graham is a good guy, full of enthusiasm, positivity, and a healthily low opinion of the powers that be. This promises to be really interesting event. I’ll be talking about Bitcoin.

Below is an interview I conducted with Graham last week.

I’ve also made it onto the front cover of this month’s Wealth Watch magazine, so eat your heart out Kate Moss.

Premier League Poem

A poem about the 2013-14 Premier League season for you afternoon pleasure.

YouTube Preview Image



From IMG/TWI/PLP’s Football Today.

Narrated by Dominic Frisby. Produced by Jason Woodward.

With thanks to the Barclays Premier League, Premier League Productions & IMG/TWI.

NB These images are uploaded in good faith for showreel/educational/entertainment purposes only. I do not stand to gain commercially by them in any way.

Dominic Frisby Image

This is a dull post. Please feel free to skip it.

I’m just trying to make the image you see below one of the first images that comes up when you do a Google image search on my name.

This isn’t me being vain, just up-to-date.

The images that currently come up are, some of them, ten years old or more.

By repeating the words Dominic Frisby image – that’s Dominic Frisby image in case you weren’t sure – I’m hoping the search engines will be led to the image below.

Dominic Frisby Image

Here is a link to a full res Dominic Frisby image, while below is larger Dominic Frisby image than the Dominic Frisby image above.

Dominic Frisby Image Dominic Frisby Image




The point to understand here is Dominic Frisby image.

The Upper-Class Rap

I just  need to put something on the record, what?

I was disappointed to see a poorly-researched article in today’s Guardian suggesting that Mr B, the Gentleman Rhymer, is the inventor of the art form known as Chap Hop.

One cannot bring into question Mr B’s contribution to the form – it has been superlative. He is taking it into the mainstream – and good for him. I believe he did indeed coin the phrase ‘Chap Hop.’

But the idea that he is the first aristocratic rapper is plain wrong.

There was one that pre-dated him by several years. He used to trawl the comedy circuit in the late 1990s, was described as ‘viciously inventive’ by the Guardian and ‘very impressive and very witty’ by The Times, and even won some of the new act awards.

I know this for a fact, because it was me.

Here is the visual evidence of yours truly in his pin-stripes.


I stopped doing the act in early 1999 (briefly reviving it as part of my Edinburgh Show in 2000) because I felt it was time to move on.

One of those quirks of history is that the Internet only really came into widespread use after I’d stopped doing the act, so there’s no record of it online – no videos of gigs or reviews or anything.

I’ve got an audio recording somewhere of my first ever gig. It was one Sunday at Up The Creek in Greenwich – introduced by Malcolm Hardee and following an amazing set (not entirely for the right reasons) from Hovis Presley (both sadly no longer with us).

And I’ve got this recording made in a studio in, I guess, 1998 or 99. Without an audience, it ‘s a bit dry, but in the interests of history, here it is nonetheless.