Review in The Stage

August 2000.
Alison Freedbalm

George Asprey has gone to Hollywood, leaving his comedy partner Dominic Frisby to reshuffle their act into a fifty-minute solo show with three weeks notice. It’s to Frisby’s credit that he is here at all, and the boy is playing a blinder.

Frisby’s quick-fire comedy is well-written and performed with tremendous skill. The sketches are clever and well-balanced. While the characterisations are sharp without being too showy.

Ludwig The Bavarian mixes German inflections and English words to create weapons-grade puns. They are painfully funny, but really should be sealed in lead and buried somewhere safe.

The Upper-Class Rapper is another winning character, Frisby twisting that mobile face into a clueless horsy expression as he recounts a tale of urban jousting, winning through by judicious use of a golf club. It’s more Earl Grey than Ice T, but a body-popping triumph all the same.

Frisby is all you need for a sharp and silly evening’s entertainment. George who?

Alison Freedbalm in THE STAGE. August 2000.