Guardian Review


ASPREY AND FRISBY, Edinburgh 2000

Just before the festival, Dominic Frisby was half of double act Asprey and Frisby, until a shock call from Hollywood prompted Asprey to pull out. With just three weeks notice, Frisby rebuilt the act as one-man show. However, judging from the healthy turnout (including fellow comics Chris Addison and Dan Antopolski) and a near-rapturous response, it’s this half of the package that may well go on to see his name in lights.

Frisby’s forte is Lee Mack-ish sketch comedy with an inventive irreverence worthy of Not The Nine O’Clock news. Unusual but hugely funny spoofs include the sexual odours in Morris Dancing and Heaven’s Call Centre(‘press 5 for Methodist, 6 for suicide and other cults’). God knows where he gets these ideas, and God might not be pleased with them. However, some form of deity is surely responsible for Frisby’s comic face which seems to have been made from a rubber ball.

The fabulous fissog excels during mimed spoofs to disembodied backing tapes and a succession of witty characters. Rap music will probably not appreciate The Upper-Class Raah-per, and Frisby’s viciously funny Appalling Bridegroom Speech will do irreparable damage to the marriage rates. You might not want his hand in wedlock, but Frisby is a comic catch.

Dave Simpson in THE GUARDIAN.