BBC Review Dominic Frisby

From … Jack Cowley, Cole Parker, Dan Evans and Dominic Frisby were at the Travestees Comedy Club at Glastonbury’s Tor Leisure Centre on Thursday 25 May, 2006. BBC reviewer John Higgins went along to the show.

Tonight’s Travestees show, on a Thursday rather than the traditional Wednesday, was the final one before the summer break, but what a cracking lineup of high-calibre acts we were treated to for a season’s finale.

Starting a little later than advertised, due to the tardy arrival of the evening’s MC Dominic Frisby, the show nevertheless soon got off to a great start.

I must confess I knew very little about Dominic, and from the publicity shot on the posters for this show (in which he sported a large handlebar moustache and white aviator shades), I was expecting a camp, Village People-style performance. Tonight, however, the moustache had taken over his face to become a magnificent beard.

Dominic’s style of delivery was extremely laid-back, and he possessed an easygoing, chatty manner.

He interacted very well with the audience, which he quickly segregated into three factions: the hippy Tor to his right, posh Wells to his left, and finally Shepton Mallet (a place where on a night out, you can be guaranteed a fight and a s**g – usually from the same person) in the cheap seats at the back.

Throughout the evening, the quality of his material was uniformly outstanding and as well as questioning audience members about their jobs etc, he covered a wide range of topics: the Notting Hill and Jamaica carnivals, beards (which provoked an outburst of good-natured heckling), some mild ribbing of bumpkins and an extended piece about his application to Fulham Football Club to replace diddy David Hamilton as match day compere, which I found funny despite having little interest in football.

There was not a dull moment while he was on stage, and I look forward to seeing him again.

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